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Werder fan from England

Schon seit einiger Zeit folge ich auf Twitter @toby_hirst, einem Bremen-Fan aus Leeds. Ich finde es spannend, wie man aus einem anderen Land kommend, ausgerechnet Fan unserer Grün-Weißen wird. Also, habe ich Toby gefragt, ob er sich für ein kleines Interview zur Verfügung stellen würde. Und so könnt Ihr unten lesen, wie man in jungen Jahren zum Werder-Fan wird, wenn man aus England kommt. Viel Spaß!

Hello Toby. First of all, tell us a little about yourself if you don’t mind. Where do you come from, how old are you and what do you do?

Hello, first of all I’d like to say thanks for giving me the opportunity to feature on the website. I come from Leeds, one of the biggest cities in the north of England. I’m only 14 years old and that means I’m still a student.

Before we get to Werder Bremen, are there any other football clubs you support?

Yes, I support the team from my hometown, as mentioned above, Leeds United. They play in the 2nd tier of English football and you may have heard of them due to their successful period during the 1980s and early 90s. I regularly go to matches and I’m feeling optimistic about the upcoming season. 🙂

How did you become a fan of Werder? When was the first time you saw them play and what caught your attention (style of play or a particular player)?

The first time I watched Werder was in the 2007/08 UEFA Cup when they played Rangers at Ibrox. The match was televised on British television and Werder were unlucky to lose 2-0 that night. I may have been young but I remember it well. The team was littered with vastly talented players such as Diego (who scored in the return leg at the Weserstadion), Tim Borowski and Per Mertesacker.

I then started following Werder more closely after the Champions League tie against Spurs in Bremen, 2010. I was impressed was how much noise the fans made and how they got behind their team. After this match I started to watch out for highlights on various channels and since this was before their demise they still got a fair amount of coverage here. As I looked further into Werder Bremen I saw they were a traditional club who had morals in the transfer market. They were a successful team who didn’t overspend – which is becoming a rarity in football nowadays! I was always a fan of Diego. The heartbeat of the team and a lovable guy too!

Can you watch the games on TV (is there any Bundesliga being shown in England) or do you have to resort to other methods? 😉

It is rare that Bremen matches are televised here, it’s usually Dortmund or Bayern who get their matches telecasted live. If Werder are playing on a Friday night/Sunday afternoon they’ll get on TV over here but usually I have to resort to watching the matches online. The quality of the stream isn’t always the best but who says I’m complaining? 😉

What are your feelings about the decline in the last three years? Did you see it coming or were you surprised by the direction things have been going?

I suppose when a club sells their best players and doesn’t buy suitable replacements a decline is predictable but back then I was just living in the moment and refused to even think of a decline. I do think the harder times have brought the best out of the fans who have been fully supportive and packed the Weserstadion in every game. I certainly wasn’t surprised, though.

The last season saw two key figures of the past leave in Allofs and Schaaf. What is your take on that? And what do you thing about Schaaf’s departure? Should he have stayed?

I’ll start with Allofs. This took me by surprise because him and Schaaf had formed a formidable partnership, they’d been through it all together only for Allofs to throw it away and go to Wolfsburg. His transfer dealings had took a turn for the worst, Avdic for 2.5 million Euros and Akpala for a similar fee. I was willing to give those signings a chance but they haven’t proved anything and Avdic has moved on recently and proved nothing.

The situation with Schaaf is a little more heartfelt. I couldn’t visualise a Werder Bremen without him. His immense loyalty was a credit to himself and he’d given the fans a lot a things to cheer through his managerial reign – here’s hoping that Robin Dutt can do the same! The fact we were in a difficult position towards the end of the 2012/13 meant I thought it was the correct decision, unfortunately. The display/tribute yesterday gave me goosebumps and it just shows the extent of which he is respected at the club!

Eichin and Dutt are now in charge at the Weserstadion. Do you think they are going to work things out and make Bremen successful in the long run? 

They are the new Bremen! Realistically I don’t think they will have instant success but I hope they build a team with quality over the next few seasons and bring back the glory days. In the long run I think things will improve. Eichin and Dutt are two knowledgeable men with a passion for the job ahead.  If things don’t work out successfully I trust Eichin to make the correct decision with the best interests of the club in mind.

The start to the season has been good although the results are probably more than just a little flattering. What do you expect from this season?

The performances against Braunschweig and Augsburg were a little flattering, yeah and the fixture list has been kind to us but nevertheless I do hope we can carry the momentum into the more difficult games coming up.  The performances in the opening games haven’t been up to scratch but only time will tell! The target for Eichin and Dutt has to at least be higher mid-table, and the more optimistic fans will be hoping for Europe but I will be happy with anything better than last years horrid season!

Who is your favourite player to ever wear the green and white jersey?

My favourite player to play in a Werder shirt has to be Torsten Frings. The man was a very likeable guy and always popped up in the right place at the right time. His stern performances in midfield contributed to Bremen’s success massively in his playing time and I hope we find a player just like him soon!

Lebenslang Grün-Weiß! 🙂